Guide your customers to success
Add easy to use and meaningful interactive tours to your web app in minutes. HelpHero provides you with a platform for creating great onboarding experiences.
  • Enhance user onboarding
    HelpHero enables users to ‘learn as they go’, making onboarding simple. We provide a set of tools which enable you to quickly edit your onboarding walkthroughs without any coding.
  • Increase feature adoption
    Showcase new features or product enhancements in an interactive and intuitive way. HelpHero eliminates user frustration and confusion, leading to higher user adoption and retention.
  • Reduce support costs
    Provide contextual and timely product tours so users can teach themselves to use your application. HelpHero guides users to success, so you can reduce the time and money spent on customer support.
Easy editing and customization
HelpHero enables you to create the best possible help experience for your users with as much custom control over the experience as you’d like.
  • Create tours without code
    Our visual tour editor lets you instantly create, preview and edit your product tours in real-time without having to leave your app.
    NO coding required!
  • Customise your tours
    Instantly customize every aspect of your tours with complete freedom to change the text, colors and layout to suit your app.
Measure and optimize performance
HelpHero’s analytics helps you understand how viewers are interacting with your tours, so you can identify opportunities for improving user experience.
  • Optimize
    Ensure you get the best possible tour success rate by instantly tweaking your tours and measuring the results in real-time.
  • Drill Down
    Track completion rates for each step in your tours so you can pinpoint exactly where your users are dropping off and what to improve.
Advanced Personalization and Targeting
With HelpHero Funnels you can configure your tours to target specific users. This ensures users are shown the most appropriate tours based on their language, device, browser and even custom user properties.
  • Powerful Conditions
    Use the HelpHero Editor to easily customize your Funnel criteria to match your unique requirements.
Built for scale and compatibility
HelpHero is built to ensure maximum performance and compatibility with the tools and frameworks you already use and love.
  • Quick and easy install
    You can get up and running in minutes. Simply install our Chrome extension or add our javascript snippet to your site. It works in a similar fashion to other website add-ons like Google Analytics, Intercom etc.
  • Browser support
    We support a wide range of browsers and versions including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (9 & above). We work hard to ensure your users can benefit from interactive product tours.
  • Compatibility
    Our snippet is compatible with a wide range of app architectures. Whether your app is a client rendered app (React, AngularJS, etc) or a static server rendered site (PHP, ASP.NET, etc) we've got you covered.
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