Intercom Integration

The HelpHero Messenger App enables you to provide your customers with HelpHero tours via Intercom Messenger. Take your customer engagement and support to the next level by providing a unified interface for your help and onboarding experience. Bring the best of HelpHero and Intercom together in one place.

Install the HelpHero Messenger App

Visit the Intercom App store and install the HelpHero Messenger App.

You will be redirected to HelpHero to confirm the connection to Intercom. If you have multiple HelpHero accounts please ensure you select the correct account to connect with.

Setup Your Tours

Setup your tours as per usual through HelpHero Editor. If you want to learn more about setting up your tours checkout the install instructions.

You can then set specific tours to be available from Intercom Messenger in your tour settings. This lets you control which tours can be shared in Intercom Messenger conversations and on the Intercom Messenger Home.

Show/Hide Intercom Launcher (Optional)

You may want to hide the Intercom Launcher while your HelpHero tours are running. This prevents Intercom and HelpHero UI overlapping with each other. We don't set this up automatically for you as you may have your own logic for when and who should be shown the Intercom Launcher. Please adjust the example below as appropriate for your use case.

  function showIntercom() {
    window.Intercom('update', { hide_default_launcher: false })
  function hideIntercom() {
    window.Intercom('update', { hide_default_launcher: true })
  window.HelpHero.on('tour_started', hideIntercom);
  window.HelpHero.on('tour_completed', showIntercom);
  window.HelpHero.on('tour_cancelled', showIntercom);
  window.HelpHero.on('tour_interrupted', showIntercom);

Add to Intercom Messenger Home

Go to your Intercom Messenger home settings

  1. Choose to set it up for visitors or users.
  2. Click ‘Add an app’ and add the HelpHero Messenger App.

Note: You can show the HelpHero Messenger App to both users and visitors.

Add to an Intercom Messenger Conversation

You can also quickly share HelpHero tours in your Intercom conversations. Just click the app icon in your inbox:

Then click on the HelpHero Messenger App.

Using HelpHero Funnels

Inorder to get HelpHero user property funnels to work in the context of Intercom Messenger you need to pass the same user ID to both HelpHero and Intercom.

  var userId = '<Server rendered value or from API>';

  HelpHero.identify(userId, {
    // other properties

  window.intercomSettings = {
    app_id: 'APP_ID',
    user_id: userId,
    // other properties

  // ... other Intercom scripts
To learn more about installing Intercom visit the Intercom docs