Tour Links

Tour links are great for sharing your tours in different contexts, for example you could include a link to a tour in emails, your documentation or chat apps.

The tour links work by appending a query string parameter helphero_tour=<TOUR_ID> to the starting URL of your tour. While in most cases you can use the link provided by the HelpHero Editor as is, this doc details some cases where you may need to tweak the link.

Relative URL

If you have multiple domains you want your tours link to run on. You can modify the URL to be relative to the site that the link embedded on. Please note altering the tour link in this way means it can no longer be shared via email or pasted directly into the browser.

For example if you have a tour link

You can remove the domain from the tour link/my_page?helphero_tour=Fv6n43b24

Now when you embed this tour link on a page it will be relative to the current URL the user is on.

Backwards Compatibility

Previously HelpHero tour links created by the HelpHero Editor used to redirect to the user to a unique URL on the domain For backwards compatibility any existing tour links that are using will continue to work until the 1st of January 2021.

We have migrated away from using for the following reasons:

  • The previous tour links no longer work on Safari. Due to Safari introducing restrictions to document.referrer which we relied on to enable these tour links.
  • The previous tour links do not work if your website uses the Referrer-Policy HTTP header. The new tour links do have this limitation.
  • The new tour links do not redirect the user to a different domain, this results in a better user experience.