Tours that span multiple pages/URLs

This guide explains how to configure a tour to run across multiple pages / URLs. This is a powerful technique for guiding users through workflows in your app that span across multiple pages / URLs.

1. Add highlight

Add a highlight step to your tour

2. Select element

Select the page element which triggers a URL change within your application.

3. Click within

Now choose Clicks within highlighted area this changes the highlight step to only advance to the next step when the user clicks with the highlighted area.

Since the element that we selected is a link. Clicking within the highlighted area will cause the browser to navigate to a new URL. We need to add a URL match so HelpHero knows that this URL change is expected and that it should continue the tour once we get to the new page.

Note: If the highlight step is currently the last step in the tour you can click within the highlighted area and the HelpHero Editor will attempt to generate the appropriate URL match for you. Otherwise you can always add it manually using the ADD URL MATCH button.

Ignore URL Changes

An alternative approach to adding a URL Match after the highlight is to enable ignore URL changes in your tour settings. Please note with this enabled your tour may display on unintended pages. For example if a user visits a page where the tour is eligible to start, but then goes back in their browser the tour will continue to show.