Tours for specific environments

This guide explains how to manage tours across mutliple environments. For example you may have a staging environment ( and a production enviroment (

For example you may want to only show certain tours on staging while you are testing a new unreleased feature. Then once the feature is ready and released to production enable the same tour on your production enviroment.

1. Install

Install the same HelpHero scripts on both staging and production environments. You can find your install instructions here.

2. Create/edit tour

Create or edit a tour that you only want to show on staging environment. If this tour should start on /somepage, when setting up the URL match change it to be: //
Now this tour will only start for users on the staging enviroment.

3. After release

Once you are happy with the tour and have released the new feature to production, you can make the tour live by removing the domain from the URL match by changing it to /somepage

Alternatively you can use version numbers to manage tours per release.
See the release management docs.