Inline editing

Step header, body and buttons can be edited inline directly on the step preview by activating edit mode.

Copying between steps

You can copy content between steps by using copy and paste. Activate edit mode on the step you would like to copy then use the cursor to select content you want to copy or use Ctrl+A to select all content. Then press Ctrl+C to copy the content. Next go to the step which you wish to paste the content into and activate edit mode then pressCtrl+V to paste the copied content.

Advanced customization

You can use custom CSS classes to style specific elements within your steps.

Heres an example which uses custom CSS to display Font Awesome icons within your tour steps.

  1. Load the Font Awesome CSS by adding the following to the very top of your custom CSS.
    @import url('');
  2. Select an element and apply the CSS classes relevant for the icon you want to display e.g. fas fa-glass-cheers
Font Awesome not loading?CSP is a security feature that can be enabled on your website by your development team, it specifies what resources such as scripts, images, stylesheets can run on your website. If this is enabled it can block external stylesheets like Font Awesome from loading. If this is the case you will need to ask your development team to allow Font Awesome in your websites CSP.

Converting from markdown format

To ensure backwards compatibility and a smooth upgrade path, we will continue supporting the old markdown format for any existing tours. Next time you edit a step you will be prompted to convert to the new rich text format, this way you can review and fix any incompatibilities that may occur when converting from markdown.