Analytics integration

HelpHero has a built in analytics solution which automatically tracks the amount of tours started, tours completed and how far users are getting through your tours.

However if you would prefer to have these stats show up in a analytics provider such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel etc by using the JavaScript API.

Google Analytics example

Here’s an example which creates a Google Analytics event when a tour is started, completed or cancelled.

  // assumes that both the google analytics and HelpHero script has been added to the page before this script
  function helpHeroTrackEvent(ev, info) {
    gtag('event', ev.kind, {
  HelpHero.on('tour_started', helpHeroTrackEvent);
  HelpHero.on('tour_completed', helpHeroTrackEvent);
  HelpHero.on('tour_cancelled', helpHeroTrackEvent);

Note: make sure you include this code after both your HelpHero script tag and your google analytics script tag. You can find your HelpHero script tag on step 1 of your install instructions.