Monthly active user count

HelpHero pricing is based on your application’s monthly active user count. This guide details how we measure the monthly active user count and how to troubleshoot and optimize this number if it is more than you expected.

How monthly active users are measured

The monthly active user count is based on the usage of the HelpHero scripts that you install in your application. Specifically by the amount of unique calls toHelpHero.identify or HelpHero.anonymous.

Since this call is typically run on page load, the MAU usually equates to unique visitors to your website with HelpHero installed within a billing month. It is not based on interactions with tours. A user will only be counted once regardless of how many tours, checklists and pages they interact with.

This total resets every billing month. For example if a user was active previously but they don’t visit a page in the current month then they are not counted.

Troubleshooting monthly active user count

You can view what users have been counted in the current billing cycle by visiting the user explorer. Here are some common reasons this might be more than expected:

  • The scripts are installed on public pages such as login pages / marketing pages, but you are only wanting to show tours to logged in users.
  • The scripts are installed on testing sites which can increase user count, especially if you have automated tests running.
  • HelpHero.identify is being called with a value that is inconsistent or changes between pages/sessions. This can cause the same user to be counted more than once. Please check the value you are passing is stable and consistent.
  • HelpHero.identify is being called with an invalid user ID such as empty string, null or undefined. Please double check that the user ID is being correctly passed. Learn more.

Optimizing monthly active user count

In certain usecases you maybe wish to wrap the call to HelpHero.identify in your own logic. This will give you more control over which users are counted towards your monthly active user limit.

var showHelpHero = //custom logic to determine whether to show tours to user
if (showHelpHero) {
Please be aware HelpHero features such as tours, tour links, checklists will only show for users who are identified.