Query String

You can use a URL Match in combination with a Funnel to match URLs which contain query string params. In this example we are going to explore how to match against the following URL:

1. Define a URL Match

First we are going to match the path portion of the URL with the following URL Match: /product.

See the URL Match docs for more information.

2. Add a Funnel

While the URL Match will correctly match /product?category=parachutes it will also match other unwanted URLs like no query string params /product or the wrong query string params /product?category=bananas etc. To fix this we are going to add a Funnel directly after the URL Match to restrict the query string params that we accept.

Param Key = category
Param Value = parachutes

If you have multiple query string params that you want to match against you can add another by clicking the + ADD button.