Targeting user properties

You can use funnels to only show tours to users that fulfill certain criteria. You can pass data (properties) about a user that your system stores directly to HelpHero. Then from the HelpHero Editor you can control whether to show or not show tours based on these properties.

1. Pass user properties to HelpHero

In this example we are going to pass a isAdmin user property to HelpHero then only show a specific tour to users if this property is true.

  HelpHero.identify('<?php echo get_current_user_id(); ?>', {
    isAdmin: <?php echo get_current_user_is_admin() ? 'true' : 'false'; ?>
Note: this code will vary depending on the server language and frameworks you are using. Please consult with your development team and get in touch if you need more information.

2. Setup a funnel

Now that HelpHero knows about this new user property you can setup tours to only show if the user is an admin or only if they are not an admin. In the HelpHero Editor edit your tour and add a new funnel step after the first URL match.

Now this tour will only run if the user property isAdmin is true.