Tour triggered by

Tour trigger funnel conditons are useful for situations where you want different funnel conditions depending on where the tour is being triggered from (Auto Start, checklists and tour links). In this example we are going to explore how have a tour Auto Start to users who have joined after a specific timestamp, but always show in checklists and when accessed via a tour link.

1. Pass user created timestamp to HelpHero

In this example we are going to pass a created_at user property to HelpHero we are assumming this is Unix timestamp in seconds.

  HelpHero.identify('<?php echo get_current_user_id(); ?>', {
    created_at: <?php echo get_current_user_created_at() ?>
Note: this code will vary depending on the server language and frameworks you are using. Please consult with your development team and get in touch if you need more information.

2. Setup a funnel

Now that HelpHero knows about this new user property you can setup tours to only show if the user was created after a certain timestamp OR tour is not being triggered by Auto Start.